Melaka River Cruise

Melaka River Cruise is the major tourism attractions in Malacca. It can take you back through

time over 600 years ago when Parameswara, the price from Palembang first started to build the great empire here.

River Cruise Melaka (View From Cruise)

The total journey takes around 45 minutes. It operates from day to night and both offer a considerably distinct experience. The night cruise offers a romantic experience under the lighted bridge and decorative lightnings while the day cruise offers you the sense of nature appreciation.


During old times, the river serves as the international trade centre and often called “Venice of the East” by the European seafarers. Now, it successfully transforms into a new tourism, boosting the tourism industry in Malaysia.

Melaka River Cruise Malacca (View From Cruise)

Lots of interesting events have been carried out here. One of them is the Melaka River International Festival.

This annually held festival boasts exciting competitions such as Power Boat Race, Dragon Boat Race, Canoe Marathon and many more. This festival truly makes the river more colourful and lively!


1. Melaka River Cruise Location (To Catch The Cruise)

There are only 2 jetties for you to board the cruise. Each jetty is located at the end of the water route. It’s up to you to choose which jetty you want to begin your journey with.

Malacca River Cruise Malacca (View From Cruise)

1.1 Muara Jetty

Muara jetty is located beside Quayside Heritage Centre. If you still can’t find the place, search for the Maritime Museum where a giant Portuguese ship locates. It is highly recognisable.

Pick up point at Muara Jetty For Melaka River Cruise trip

The cruise will travel upstream and return the Muara Jetty again. The round trip covers 9km and it takes around 45 minutes in overall.


1.2 Taman Rempah Jetty

Taman Rempah Jetty is near to the Hang Jebat Bridge that linked Jalan Tun Sri Lanang to Jalan Tun Mutahir.

Pick up point at Taman Rempah Jetty For Melaka River Cruise trip

The cruise will take you downstream and bring you back to the same jetty. The round trip covers 9km and it takes 45 minutes in overall.


2. Melaka River Cruise Tips

  • If you drive to Malacca and you want to board the cruise, go to Taman Rempah jetty as there is a large carpark beside. The best part is, it is free.

River Cruise Tour In Malacca (View From Cruise)

  • Pre-book your river cruise tickets to make your trip smooth and hassle-free.
  • The boat accommodates 40 passengers. To get the best view, sit at the most front because seats at the back are under cover.

Malacca River Cruise at Night

  • The steps the boat is not that hard because a safe platform has already been prepared. Hence, no worries for elderly and small children.


  • To take the best sightseeing photos, board the cruise during the sunset. The golden light is extremely stunning.

Melaka River

  • If you prefer quiet moments, board the trips in the morning. The environment is cool and the boat is still not crowded with tourists.

River Cruise Malacca (Day view)

  • The commentary is done in both English and Malay language.


  • During Ramadhan (the fasting period of Muslims), the river cruise is closed until 8pm.

River Cruise Malacca (View From Cruise)

3. Melaka River Cruise Ticket Price

The round trip ticket price of river cruise is divided into 7 categories:

 Ticket Price/Pax
Adult (Malaysia Citizens)
(13 to 59 years )
Child (Malaysia Citizens)
(2-12 years old)
Senior (Malaysia Citizens)
(60-69 years old)
Senior (Malaysia Citizens)
(70 years & above)
Foreigner Adult
(13 years and above)
Foreigner Child
(2-12 years old)
(Below 2 years old)
  • All children below 2 years old are free of charge.
  • Currently there is no river cruise package available from official website.


4. Melaka River Cruise Operation Hours

The Melaka River Cruise operates daily from 9:00am to 11:30pm with a frequency of 30 minutes.

In fact, there is no best time to take the river cruise. It all depends on the environment that you like the most.

For the day cruise, you get to see the murals and significant buildings clearly. If you love taking sightseeing photo, this is best suited you. For the night cruise, you can enjoy the scenery when all the lights lit up. The weather is much cooler too.


5. Melaka River Cruise Route

No matter which jetty you begin your journey with, the boat will pass through the same landmarks as below:

  • Pirate Park
  • Ghost Bridge of Melaka
  • Kampung Jawa
  • Jonker Street

jonker street

  • Eye on Malaysia Ferris Wheel

Eye on Malaysia Ferris Wheel (Day Time)

Ferris Wheel Melaka River Cruise

  • Clock Tower


  • Kampung Morten

Kampung Morten

  • Street Art

Street Art View From River Cruise In Melaka

Street Art From River Cruise In Malacca

Street Art View From Malacca River Cruise

Street Art View From River Cruise Malacca



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