Jonker Street Night Market: Top 19 Food Every Foodie Must Try

1. Jonker Walk Quail Egg

Jonker Walk Quail Egg is like a cuter version of the famous Japan’s Takoyaki.

Jonker Street Quail Eggs

Image credits:

It is filled with your choice of ingredients such as Nyonya curry chicken, sweet corn, chicken sausage or crabstick with drizzles of mayonise, cheese and bbq sauce.

RM4 per stick or RM10 for 3 sticks


2. Grilled Oysters

These half shell fresh oysters are grilled to give you a “just right” texture without it being too dry.

Grilled Oyster in Jonker Street Night Market

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The plate of oysters is then served with their homemade slightly spicy paste which complements then dish very well.

RM5 per oyster or RM20 for 5 oysters


3. Coconut Ice-Cream

Get a taste of this Thai Coconut Ice Cream which tastes heavenly especially on a hot day.

You may add toppings such as sweet corn, peanuts, red bean, corn flakes and dried coconut shavings as much as you want!

Jonker Street Coconut Ice-Cream

Coconut Ice Cream with Durian available!


From RM10


4. Light Bulb Drink

Quench your thirst in Jonker Street Night Market without feeling the guilt with this healthy juice drink.

Exactly like its name, the drinks are served in light bulbs or you can also try those in syringes and blood bags.

Try out their Signature Mango Juice

Light Bulb Drink at Jonker Street

From RM6


5. Liquid Nitrogen Korean Snack

Imitating the trending “Dragon Breath” Korean snack, you will expect to experience a wisp of cool smoke coming out of your mouth and nose.

This extraordinary looking snack is actually made out of corn puffs combined with cold liquid nitrogen.

Liquid Nitrogen Korean Snack At Jonker Street Night Market

RM10 per cup


6. Deep Fried Ice-Cream

A mixed of hot and cold definitely is a taste to remember when you are having this deep fried ice-cream.

Just imagine eating through a crispy crusty bread and finding your favourite flavoured cold ice-cream on the inside (Oh, so yummy!).

Deep Fried Ice Cream at Jonker Steet Night Market


Six types of ice-cream flavour available



7. BBQ Corn

Look out for Uncle Bing’s stall selling BBQ corn while you are at Jonker Street Night Market.

This delicious BBQ Corn can be found in various flavours ranging from the original flavour, black pepper, curry, wasabi and up to a mixture of flavours.

6 Flavors of BBQ Corn at Jonker Street



8. Fish Balls In Curry Sauce

It might feel like there is nothing special about fish balls in curry sauce but you would think otherwise once you have tasted it.


Fishballs in Curry Sauce in Jonker Street Night Market

The curry sauce is a perfect mixture of spicy and sweet that would feel good on your taste bud.

RM3 (small) and RM5 (big)


9. Nyonya Popiah

Popiah is basically a Chinese version of a wrap with fillings such as vegetables, bean sprout, egg and seafood with sweet chilli sauce.

Nyonya Popiah speciality is that it is served with pork lard which gives the perfect mixture.

Popiah At Jonker Street Night Market

Non-halal (Enquire stall’s owner for halal version)



10. Carrot Cake

Fried carrot cake which is known as Fried Radish Cake can be found in Jonker Street Night Market (despite its name, it does not contain carrot).


You would not be able to miss this stall because of the aromatic smell coming from the frying pan.

Carrot Cake at Jonker Street Night Market



11. Coconut Dodol

Going home isn’t the same without trying or tapau this Malacca delicacy.

Coconut Dodol is made out of rice flour, coconut milk and gula Melaka and have a similarity to a sticky toffee candy.

Coconut Dodol at Jonker Street Night Market


12. Durian Cendol

There is not a doubt that Malacca is raved for its delicious Gula Melaka Cendol because it’s too yummy!

Durian lovers would be delighted to know that there is an option in adding fresh durian flesh into the mix of this ice shaved cendol.

Durian Cendol at Jonker Street



13. Si Bao

Are you a fan of rojak and fried tofu?

If it’s a yes, you MUST try Si Bao which is a mixture of fried tofu, fish cakes, fried tofu skin and cucumber drizzled with peanuts and spicy chilli sauce.


Si Bao Jonker Street Night Market

Non-spicy version available

Depend on chosen ingredients


14. Watermelon Juice

Looking for something refreshing to quench your thirst? Look out for this special watermelon juice in Jonker Street Night Market.

You will end up holding strings attached to a whole watermelon with a straw stuck into the grinded watermelon flesh and juice.

Watermelon Juice at Jonker Street Night Market

RM10 average


15. Chinese Burger Sambal Prawn

Replace the burger bread with eggs with sambal prawns as the ingredient instead of a burger patty and Voila! You get a Chinese Burger Sambal Prawn.


Chinese Burger Sambal Prawn

Image credit:

For non-spicy options, you may choose other ingredients such as honey chicken, chicken floss, octopus, sausage and crab meat.



16. Maltose Candy

Clang! Clang! is the sound that you will hear when you pass the stall that sells this maltose candy at Jonker Street Night Market.

Maltosa Candy at Jonker Street Night Market

Image credit:

This sound comes from the “hammering” of a huge piece of candy and they will then pack the small pieces into a bag.



17. Coconut Ball

Flying ball of coconut flesh up it the air is enough reason to get this coconut water ball.

Coconut Ball Malacca

This little performance by the skilful workers is something you can enjoy while sipping drinking water inside this coconut flesh.




18. Muah Chee

Muah Chee is a traditional snack made out of glutinous rice flour coated with peanuts and sugar.

Muah Chee at Jonker Street Night Market

It can be seen displayed in a big tray and will be prepared by cutting into small pieces and mixing with the ingredients before it is served.



19. Putu Piring

Putu Piring is steamed rice cake filled with melted sugar and served with dried coconut shaves.

What makes the Putu Piring sold in Jonker Street stand out is that they use Gula Melaka as the sugar which will give you a more distinctive taste.

Famous local food in Malacca, Putu Piring Tengkera



Jonker Street Night Market Location:

Jonker Street Night Market Opening Hours: Friday to Sunday: 6:00pm – 12:00am


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