13 Things To Do In Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark

Set across 21 acres of land, Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark  (also known as Desaru waterpark) consists of both dry and wet rides which are best for thrill-seekers to get their heartbeat racing high.

Desaru Coast Adventure Water Park

However, for younger children, there is a restriction on some rides where you need to achieve the minimum height requirement in order to enjoy.

But don’t worry as the water park has play areas for kids too. Scroll down to see the 13 things to do in Desaru Waterpark & attractions inside this amazing Desaru waterpark!

1. Tidal Wave Beach

Catch a wave and swim at one of the world’s biggest wave pools which hold over 4 million gallons of water.

Desaru Waterpark Tidal Wave Beach

The wave is generated regularly and it’s best if you sit inside a tube. If you are getting tired, you can always take a rest at the seating areas provided at the shoreline.

Desaru Coast Waterpark Tidal Wave Beach

Children below 122cm must be accompanied by at least an adult.


2. Kids Ahoy

Specially designed for toddlers, children and early teenagers, Kids Ahoy features 13 unique water slides for ultimate splashing fun.

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Desaru Waterpark Kids Ahoy

Besides, this water play area is full of exciting water play equipment that will have them giggling and bursting into laughter. Truly a heaven on earth for younger guests!

Children below 122cm must be accompanied by at least an adult.


3. Riptide

Sweep at the fastest speed and at the steepest angles at Riptide.

Desaru Waterpark Riptide

The raft of 4 will first travel downhill into the very first twister that will have you sliding back and forth then followed by the second and third twister. Along the ride, you may feel an unparalleled feeling of free falling.

Minimum height requirement: 122cm


4. Kraken’s Revenge

The only roller coaster ride in this water park – Kraken’s Revenge is ready to deliver you thrilling fun!


Desaru Coast Waterpark Kraken Revenge

Sitting in a rolling boat, the ride will have you spinning and swooping through a 360-degree horizontal loop then followed by a 27m plunge down and splash into the pool of water. In overall, the speed is up to 70km per hour.

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Desaru Waterpark Kraken Revenge

Minimum height requirement: 110cm.


5. Beachside Cabanas

The 170m long shoreline of the Tidal Wave Beach lies plenty of Beachside Cabanas for guests to sit back and relax.

Desaru Waterpark Beachside Cabanas

This is also a place for parents to relax while watching over their children playing or swimming at the wave pool.


6. Surf Wall

Make your way to the Surf Wall to experience surfing in a safe environment.

Desaru Waterpark Surf Wall

Suitable for both beginners and experienced surfers, you can enjoy catching and riding the artificial wave generated by the high-energy surf simulator.

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It can accommodate 2 stand-up surfers and 5 boarders at once.

Minimum height requirement: 107cm


7. Wild Whirl

At Wild Whirl, ride on a raft of 2 and hurtle down the steep channel at high speed.

Desaru Waterpark Wild Whirl

After shooting into the giant bowl, you will be glued against the wall, experience several turns and finally drop into the centre chute. A splash pool will be awaiting you at the exit.

Minimum height requirement: 122cm


8. Super Twister

Enjoy several twists and turns on a tube while cruising down the slides.


Desaru Waterpark Super Twister

In the middle of the ride, expect a drop into a tunnel which will have you oscillating back and forth then end up splashing into the water.

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Minimum height requirement: 122cm


9. The Tempest

Raft down the slide and get ready to be propelled to high-energy funnels that will have you screaming in the air.

Desaru Waterpark The Tempest

Then, experience an unexpected 24-foot drop before it sends you down into the tunnel to experience a splashdown.

Minimum height requirement: 122cm


10. Penawar Falls

The giant Penawar Falls consists of 3 separate waterfalls cascading down the rising cliffs into the big pond below. This place is great for taking pictures as it is truly a sight to behold!

Desaru Waterpark Penawar Falls


11. Penawar River Huts

Take a rest and have some private moments at the Penawar River Huts which spread across the Penawar River. Here, cabanas are available for rental.


These private seating areas are sure to recharge your energy before hopping for another splashing fun.


12. Penawar River

Grab a tube and float the afternoon away at Penawar River. It serves as a 350m long lazy river that set amidst the lush greenery of riverside fishing village and riverbank.

Desaru Waterpark Penawar River

Here, you can find 4 exciting water slides which are The Tempest, Riptide, Super Twister and Wild Whirl.

Children below 122cm must be accompanied by at least an adult.


13. Swinging Ship

Swinging Ship aka Pirate Ship is everyone’s all-time favourite ride. It is the only one ride in this water park where you will not end up getting wet.

Desaru Waterpark Swinging Ship


This exciting swing ship which swings back and forth will reach an angle of 180 degrees on either side – offering great fun for all ages.

Minimum height requirement: 110cm.


Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark Useful Tips

  • Please use Touch ‘n Go card to enter the car parking.
  • Small locker rental is RM20 & Large locker rental is RM40.
  • The water park is fully non-smoking and there is no smoking area provided as well.
  • You need to take off spectacles or sunglasses while playing the water slides. It’s best if you can wear contact lenses here.
  • There are restaurants inside the park but if you are on a budget, we recommend you to have your breakfast at other Desaru food restaurant in advance as the food price is quite expensive.
  • You cannot bring your own food and beverages inside. There will be security checks conducted on your bags.
  • Cabana is available for rental but on first come first serve basis.
  • All-day tickets and annual passes sold are non-refundable.
  • The water park provides no refunds for bad weather, attractions or rides closure for maintenance or any other circumstances.
  • The annual pass – Johor Splash Pass is only applicable to residents in Johor. It must be redeemed within 3 months after the purchase date.
  • Besides, this annual pass is not valid on the first and second days of Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Chinese New Year. From 15th December to 31st December, it is not valid too.


Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark Ticket Price

Ticket Price:
Adult (Age 12-59): RM75
Child (Age 3-11) & Senior Citizen (Age 60+): RM56
Infant & Toddler (Below 3 years old): Free

Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark Details:
Address: Jalan Damai, Desaru Coast, 81930 Bandar Penawar, Johor, Malaysia.
Contact: +603-2203 9696
Opening Hours:
Thursday to Sunday: 10:00am – 6:00pm
Closed on: Monday to Wednesday

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